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We believe that the three major components influencing our daily well-being are composed of our personal topics, our family and friends and our work. Try to imagine this like a stool with three legs – if one of them is a bit broken the whole stool will instantly become unstable.

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weather report

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Weather overview and meanings:

1-4 Stormy

There have been many issues and in some situations you felt a bit lost.

5-6 Rainy
Troubling/Disruptive: There have been several small issues that have come up but nothing has stopped you from doing what you needed to do. In the right conditions you have been able to deal with the situation.

7-8 Cloudy

There were interruptions and minor fallbacks but overall you can see the sky clearing up and having good things come your way.

9-10 Sunny

Things have been cheerful and you’re feeling very positive and happy.

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