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Leadership Training
Convincing lateral leadership

In this intensive four part live online training, you will develop your lateral leadership skills. You will learn what is essential to communicate as a lateral leader and learn methods for conflict resolution. You will receive crucial input on how to lead in a value-oriented manner and how to motivate your project team to work together.

  • Intensive training series with four modules, including one small group coaching session.
  • Topics: Value-based leadership, communication in the team, conflict resolution, team development as a lateral leader.
  • Live online training with interactive exchange and long-term learning effect

If you lead a project but are not a disciplinary leader, you face the beautiful challenge of lateral leadership. This requires instinctive communication and conflict resolution skills. During this  training we will make you adept at leading your team positively and an expert at cultivating and motivating interaction.


Persuasive  Lateral Leadership 1:
Understanding Leadership And Basics Of Lateral Leadership

  • Competence model of lateral leadership
  • Value-oriented leadership

Proven Lateral Leadership 2:
Convincing communication as a lateral leader

  • Systemic perspective on communication
  • Communicating effectively as a leader
  • Typical points of friction in the team

Effective  Lateral Leadership 3:
Constructive handling of conflicts

  • Types and levels of conflict
  • Conflict clarification
  • Stakeholder mapping

Eloquent  Lateral Leadership 3:
Team leadership and team development as a lateral leader

  • Team roles
  • Motivation
  • Identifying potentials and limitations in the team
  • Influencing performance positively


Participation fee:

€1350,- plus VAT.

Early Bird Tickets until 07.11.2023 for €1200,-.



The next dates

  • 07.12.2023 Module 1 Understanding leadership and basics of lateral leadership, 09-16h, live at TF Headquarter.
  • 11.01.2024 Module 4 Convincing communication as a lateral leader, 09-16h, remote.
  • 31.01.2024 Module 3 Constructive handling of conflicts, 09-16h, remote.
  • 29.02.2024 Module 4 Team leadership and team development as a lateral leader, 09-16h, remote.
Constanze Vogt

Trainer, systemic organizational developer, executive coach

Constanze Vogt is a systemic organizational developer, executive coach, and facilitator in development processes. Her empathy, humor, and know-how encourage her trainees to discover new and always surprising insights while still having a great time. Before becoming self-employed, through various experiences in a multitude of industries and positions - from trainee to executive and from an advertising start-up to an international automotive supplier, Constanze never lost sight of her passion: human resources. Seeking to expand her methodical range, additional training in personality and potential diagnostics, quality development, as well as art and body-oriented coaching perfectly augmented an already well-rounded skill set. Driven by curiosity about the human element in organizations, she focuses on leadership, transformation, crisis management, and psychological security.

Anne Weiser
Anne Weiser

Head of Personnel and Organizational Development at TalentFormation

Anne Weiser is Head of Personnel and Organizational Development at TalentFormation. Her focus is the continuous development of organizations, teams, and personalities. She brings heart and clarity, depth, and lightness to her work with teams and individuals. Always guided by a fascination for learning and "aha moments" in change processes. After studying psychology, Anne spent ten years as a personnel and organizational developer at OTTO and in the otto group. In various roles, she helped shape the company's transformation and, in particular, supported the managers and teams of the tech divisions. This was followed by two positions: at an international IT services provider in the Learning & Development department and as a manager in developing a training and development department for a medium-sized medical technology company. Anne has further training in systemic coaching, consulting, and mediation.

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