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Are you tired of dull IT projects, dysfunctional teams,
and unrewarding working conditions?

Do you want to grow your business and take the next step as a Tech Entrepreneur?

Have you ever flirted with starting your own business as a freelancer in tech?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, the TalentFormation Network is the accelerator of your ambitions.

Are you ready for a change?

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A place to start out and grow for teams and talents

Talents are the decisive factor for the success of any business. Talents are people. And people need certain conditions to develop their full potential and achieve a state of happiness and well-being.

We help individuals or teams of small tech service providers to evolve on a personal and professional level to unleash their superpowers.

Benefits for Tech Service Providers and their teams

As a small Tech Service Provider, you benefit from accessing challenging projects that broaden your team's skill set and maturity. We help you master the demanding phase of scaling up your business and reach the next stage of your company's evolution.

We support you in growing your business as a business leader in the TalentFormation Network.

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Benefits for freelancers

TalentFormation helps you start out as a freelancer and accomplish your goals by providing the environment to grow as a tech professional and person. You get access to inspiring projects, professional assessments, personal and professional coaching, and a great crew of inspiring and highly skilled teammates.

We support you in starting your own business.

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What matters to us

Everything we do, we do together as a team. As such, we want our work to make an impact. That's why we commit ourselves to values that bolster our team cohesion – values that are mutually dependent, that we as people are deeply committed to and strengthen our bonds.

  • Higher intent

    for seeing and understanding everything as a whole, therefore making our actions impactful
  • Humility

    for being humble when facing challenges, continuously learning and inspiring others while leaving our egos behind
  • Cohesion

    for understanding the importance of trust and reliability to ensure openness and clarity within a team
  • Mastery

    for continuously enhancing our talents thus maximizing our unique strengths

TalentFormation HQ

Our lovely office is in Hamburg Ottensen. We work, meet and workshop there.
 Come by and visit if you are in the area.

TalentFormation HQ
Gasstraße 6A
22761 Hamburg