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Embracing the power of digital:

Business Transformation
in the digital age

As a business leader, you know your trade. Your company has probably grown continuously over the past decades, and your customers appreciate your brand's trustworthiness and consistency.

But for some time now, disruptive competitors have been giving you a hard time. Customers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to digital products and services. To top it all off, outdated IT infrastructure and operational processes make it difficult for you to introduce desperately needed innovations.

The result: Your market share is melting like matcha ice cream in a start-up incubator. Life in the fast lane must feel different.

Are you ready for a change?

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How we help you
regrow your business

TalentFormation navigates you through the shoals of digital transformation. We combine the best of proven business model design methods that have helped generations of businesses to thrive.

Pinpointing customer value

Most important is to always put your customer in the center of our thinking: what are their needs and problems to be solved.

By looking at your organization as a whole, transformation not only includes the digitalization of products and processes.

It starts with the people and operational structures and ends with a new business model.
And, did we mention – with your customer in the center of your universe.

TF processes

The TalentFormation Framework

Delivering excellent performance without drama.
A successful transformation follows a proven process like the butterfly's metamorphosis from larva to pupa to the adult insect.

Rest assured, this butterfly will make its peers green with envy.
01 Assessing the present

Your Company Re-Building starts with an in-depth analysis of what is already there - your core. It's the assets that have helped your company succeed in the past or thwarted your plans. We learn to understand your customers, products, and organization.

02 Re-designing the future

What has worked in the past does not guarantee success in the future. We continue with a detailed re-design of your business model and organization based on our learnings, experience, and future industry trends.

03 Talent takes over

Our versatile Company Re-Building teams have been excellently tuned in over the years and thus show a high level of efficiency and skills. If required, we take over critical management roles on an interim basis.We steer product development in a transparent, flexible and data-driven manner. Our planning frameworks are built on verified and successful practices.

04 Enabling for success

Once you love the concept of your future company, the hard work begins. Based on four proven business modeling and growth methods, we guide you through your individual company metamorphosis: optimize, grow, and renew.

Let's get phygital

Let's get phygital

Many can do digital. Things get exciting when we give physical products a new identity with digital functions.

With these so-called Phygitals, we open up new markets and target groups. They make it possible to change the rules of the game and integrate new business models in your existing value creation processes.

More on this topic:
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Dr. Sven Bernhardt

Dr. Sven Bernhardt
Chief Customer Officer, Mitglied der Unternehmensleitung, Breuninger

» TalentFormation has been accompanying us on the successful path of digital transformation for eight years. The passion of each individual expert for his or her role and the clout of the teams have repeatedly given us the necessary push to continue along the challenging path. Today, we have a very high level of professionalism that is the envy of our competitors. «

Customer-centric software architecture, steering and product development to enable a central, cloud-based, large scale e-commerce platform, hailed as a visionary approach by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. We are the driving force behind the organization’s transformation to a multichannel business, by establishing cross-functional development teams and tearing down the constraints of silos.

  • 6 RESTful integrated self-contained customer facing systems
  • 6 Employer facing systems (back offices)
  • 3 Integrated standard solutions
  • 3 Country specifications
  • 1 Pattern library & design system
Dr. Christopher Heinemann

Dr. Christopher Heinemann
Managing Director, Manufactum

» Many agencies and consultancies claim to be able to competently shape the digital transformation. TFN, on the other hand, dispenses with dramatizing, salesy charts and instead develops individual solutions that further develop the business model or enable speed and flexibility for future changes. The people we met in this process were not only experts, but enriched us beyond the digital topics. «

Concept and development of a scalable multichannel commerce platform for two brands and numerous countries.

  • 1 Multichannel Product Vision
  • 3 RESTful integrated Self-contained Commerce Systems
  • 3 Employer facing systems (back offices)
  • 4 Country specifications
  • 1 Style & Pattern Library inkl. Tooling
Rico Pötzsch

Rico Pötzsch
Director Master Data Management Solutions bei METRONOM GmbH

» TalentFormation provided critical support in team staffing, architectural design and project management, enabling us to meet ambitious timelines while meeting the enormous scaling requirements of our globally growing business. «

Set up of a central, micro-serviced based B2B commerce platform for the global HoReCa business by Metro Cash & Carry.

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