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In diesem Selbstmanagement Training werden in vier Modulen außerfachliche Kompetenzen im Bereich Leadership ausgebaut.

The initial idea for TalentFormation originated at OTTO. Back then, Talentformation’s founder and CEO, Michael Wegener, put together virtual remote teams of highly skilled experts and worked on challenging projects under very challenging circumstances. He discovered that the collaborative process and the individuals in the team thrived by aligning qualified remote professionals, assigning each a clearly defined role, and removing the negative effect of organizational politics.

  • The teams’ will and momentum to deliver high-quality products on time
  • deeply impressed and inspired Michael. In late 2009 he founded
  • TalentFormation – a platform to systematically expand and
  • strengthen that initial experience and vision.

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Dr. Michael Wegener

CEO & Founder

Since 1999, Michael has focused on the strategic and operational development of business models and digital products. While first working within an implementation-oriented international consultancy, then within OTTO's Strategic Management, he followed through by initiating , driving and ultimately being responsible for setting up’s Digital Product Management. His organizational and architectural approaches remain the basis for the OTTO's current digital growth and that of other firms that he has worked with, alongside his growing team of experienced experts, since founding TalentFormation. At Talentformation, Michael is responsible for the sales and methodological development of the software development approach used in TalentFormation's projects. Michael has been a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) since 2012 and is active as a business angel.

Christoph Wulf


Christoph took his first steps in the development of web-based software during his school years and switched to freelance software development in 2006 during his studies. His focus was on building a digital platform for clinical research which also spun off into a start-up. In projects at Otto, MOIA and Klingel, Christoph focused on larger data volumes and gained experience with modern software architecture in the cloud. He has discovered he has a soft spot for data-intensive systems and is also interested in the questions of how sustainable macro- and micro-architectures are created and what conditions create long term high-performance teams. Christoph is responsible for software engineering within TalentFormation's product development approach.

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