We connect and work with leading experts in the field. Perfectly aligned, our product teams are exceptionally effective in any field with disruptive potential.

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Who we work with

Who we work with

Humble, engaged and highly experienced freelancers or small software providers, who build and deploy large scale applications while never losing sight of the people behind them.

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Who we work for

Companies that are open to solving relevant customer and business problems and who are ready to implement our effective TalentFormation approach to forge new paths and opportunities.

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„Organizations are forced to innovate and deliver at an unprecedented pace and teams are, for us, the building block.“ Stefano Mastrogiacomo

Facts we face

84% of all digital transformation projects fail due to a lack of ambition, alignment and a holistic long term view. (
We carve out the real challenge and then do the right things in the right order.
60% of all project goals make no sense economically. (
Business impact is our top priority, Ego is not a valid variable.
75% of product team members don’t identify with the industry or the product they build. (PMF Report 2020)
We take intrinsic motivation and individual industry preferences into the account.
90% of product developments are not addressing customer needs. (PMF Report 2020)
We start with the insights and unmet needs of the end customers and encourage disruption.

Team Forming Approach

Our product teams are composed of a mix of complementary contributors and personalities which go beyond classic cross-functional team roles. They are not only at the forefront in terms of expertise; they also share a strong common mindset that ensures a high level of psychological safety and efficiency. Our working method often becomes the standard role model for further development within the companies we work for.

We make this systematically possible by using the TF-Method© - our "secret sauce" in team formation - with the goal of creating the optimal connection between the expectations and needs of customers and talents on a project-per-project basis.

“Successful products depend
on successful teams.“

What matters to us

Everything we do, we do together as a team. As such, we want our work to make a difference. That's why we commit ourselves to values that bolster our team cohesion – values that are mutually dependent, that we as people are deeply committed to and strengthen our bonds.


for seeing and understanding everything as a whole, therefore making our actions impactful


for being humble when facing challenges, continuously learning and inspiring others while leaving our egos behind


for understanding the importance of trust and reliability to ensure openness and clarity within a team


for continuously enhancing our talents thus maximizing our unique strengths
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Our story

Our story

Since 2009, we have been forming virtual power teams of individuals and software service provider staff with the same mindset and experience to build products with tremendous impact achieving customers' growth goals.

Once upon a time...

Talentformation HQ

Our lovely office is in Hamburg Ottensen. We work, meet and workshop there.
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