Reinvent. Rebuild. Regrow.
Stepping ahead of the competiton:

Transformation with Guided
Company Rebuilding

We help leaders in rebuilding their companies
to evolve into digital champions.

As you may know, 87% of all digitization projects fail. It’s not the lack of great ideas. It’s the lack of ambition, persistence and skillful execution.

At TalentFormation, we help leaders rebuild their companies to become digital champions. We call it Company Rebuilding.

By inciting a holistic transformation, we open up new perspectives on their businesses. We identify future-proof business models that match a company’s identity while harnessing its core strengths and assets.

We operate fundamental shifts at high speed without drama.

Are you ready for change?

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The pain of change

Challenges leaders face in transforming their organizations.
Digital projects didn't pay off in the past
60% all project goals make no sense economically.  (McKinsey)
High cost of digital transformation
48% of SMEs describe costs as the biggest obstacle to digitization.  (Ionos)
Lack of qualified employees with digital know-how
76% of companies think their employees are not sufficiently skilled in digital technologies.  (EY EtVenture )
Change creates fear in the workforce and drama in the leadership team
87% of all digital transformation projects fail due to a lack of ambition, alignment, and a holistic, long-term view.  (Forbes)
No time to master transformation and operations at once
46% of SMEs name lack of time as a significant hurdle to the digitization.  (Ionos)

Who we work for

Our unique, wholistic approach allows us to generate new perspectives on businesses.

Our clients understand when it's time to break new ground. They embrace the power of digital for sustainable growth and innovation.

Leaders we work with know the benefits of having trusted business design experts by their side who help them navigate their organizations through the process of a holistic transformation.

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Dr. Frank Postel
Chief Technology Officer, Mitglied der Unternehmensleitung, Breuninger
TalentFormation war der Treiber, Gestalter und einer der zentralen Umsetzer unserer heutigen Commerce Architektur und Organisation.
Rico Pötzsch
Director Master Data Management Solutions at METRONOM GmbH
TalentFormation provided critical support in team staffing, architectural design and project management, enabling us to meet ambitious timelines while meeting the enormous scaling requirements of our globally growing business.
Dr. Christopher Heinemann
Managing Director, Manufactum
Many agencies and consultancies claim to be able to competently shape the digital transformation. TFN, on the other hand, dispenses with dramatizing, salesy charts and instead develops individual solutions that further develop the business model or enable speed and flexibility for future changes. The people we met in this process were not only experts, but enriched us beyond the digital topics.

How we master
Company Rebuilding

At TalentFormation, we follow a proven, integrated
Company Rebuilding approach.

We don't just tell you what to do. We bring along the right people and technology to lead your project to success. And all this - you'll love it - in months, not years.

Superpower teams

Our experienced Company Re-Building teams include experts in business model design, execution and operations. We deliberately work with external developer teams that have been excellently tuned in over the years and thus demonstrate a high level of efficiency. We call them Talentformations.

Going beyond digital

Whenever we help a company to reframe its business, we take a look at the organization as a whole. For us, transformation not only includes the digitalization of products and processes. It starts with the people and operational structures and ends with a new business model that may include digital and physical products – so called Phygitals.

The TalentFormation Framework

We follow a straightforward end-to-end Company Rebuilding process to design, build and scale transformative digital businesses based on best-of-breed methods.

Company Rebuilding explained (German)

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Industries we work for

Our focus is set on the future, without losing sight of the past.
Consumer Products
Transforming retail businesses is our origin. Getting European retailers ready for the game where they compete with global market giants is very close to our hearts
Intelligent mobility systems are one of the decisive factors for our future. We help companies put new mobility concepts into action - with highly efficient product development methods and business models.
With digital health products, we help make healthcare accessible to everyone. Medical products are integrated into patients' everyday lives and help consumers stay healthy.
Circular Economy
Eliminating waste, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural systems are the principles of a Circular Economy. We help companies turn them into sustainable business models.
Making products and services in the energy sector more user-friendly and transparent help companies increase customer loyalty and ensure lasting business success.

Whom we work with

TalentFormation's motivation is not only to bring medium-sized companies back on track and to set them up for the future.

We also want the people who put their hearts, talents and lives into a company re-building project to thrive and grow equally. As individuals, professionals, and aspiring business leaders. As – as we say – Talentpreneurs.

That’s why we work with well-established external teams of small tech service providers and freelancers who are motivated to develop further by using TalentFormation’s business-building services and experience.

Talent makes the difference

The product teams we work with consist of Product Managers, Data Scientists, Frontend and Backend Engineers, Software Architects, Platform Engineers and Operators, and Visual Designers – only to name a few.

They are not only at the forefront in terms of expertise; they also share a strong common mindset that ensures a high level of psychological safety and efficiency.

Whom we work with

TalentFormation HQ

Our lovely office is in Hamburg Ottensen. We work, meet and workshop there.
 Come by and visit if you are in the area.

TalentFormation HQ
Gasstraße 6A
22761 Hamburg